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Create your first presentation

Process of applying a layout

Applying a layout.
Callout 1 Select a slide thumbnail.
Callout 2 In the Slide Layout task pane, click a layout thumbnail to apply its layout to the selected slide.

As you create slides, you'll confront the issue of where to place the things you want on them. As you saw in the first lesson, PowerPoint tries to help you here by displaying slide layouts to choose from each time you add a slide.

The layout, when applied, arranges content to fit into a specific combination of placeholders. For example, if you know you'll have text on the slide and you also want a picture or graphic of some kind, choose a layout that supplies the placeholder types and arrangement that you want.

The picture shows some of the layouts available in the Slide Layout task pane. In the practice, as you work with layouts, you'll use a menu that's on the layout thumbnails. One of the choices there enables you to insert new slides that use that thumbnail's layout.

Make your best guess on a slide's layout as you go; you can apply a different one later, though this can sometimes mean that you need to adjust the content.

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