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Create your first presentation

Process of applying a design template

Applying a design template.
Callout 1 Select a single slide thumbnail on the Slides tab.
Callout 2 In the Slide Design task pane, click a template thumbnail to apply the template to all slides.

The design template determines the look and colors of the slides, including the slide background, bullet and font styles, font color and size, placeholder position, and varied design accents.

Apply a template at any stage of creating the show. If you decide later that you'd rather use a different design template, you can apply another one.

As the picture illustrates, the Slide Design task pane is the place to go. PowerPoint has many templates to choose from. In the pane, choose to install even more PowerPoint templates if you like, or go directly to Microsoft Office Online for additional ones (you'll see a quick way to do that in the practice).

Note     Though the default look of your slides is blank, there is a template applied. You'll get more familiar with it in the practice session.

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