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Customize your toolbars and menus

Customizing in Office
Change the menus and toolbars Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save all customizations in individual documents or templates No No No No No No Yes
Save a customized toolbar in an individual document Yes* Yes No No No Yes Yes
Customize keyboard shortcuts No No No No No No Yes
Customize shortcut menus (right-click menus) Yes No No No Yes No Yes
Create a command that runs a macro Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create a command for styles, fonts, and AutoText No No No No No No Yes
Types of customization possible in Microsoft Access (AC), Excel (XL), FrontPage® (FP), Outlook® (OL), PowerPoint (PP), Visio® (VS), and Word (WD).

* In Access you can only save custom toolbars in a particular document. If you want to use a custom toolbar in a different Access data file, you must re-create or import the custom toolbar.

As you can see in the table on the left, Office programs have various levels of customization. The one thing you can do across the board though, is to change the menus and toolbars. You can change the shortcut menu in three programs—Access, PowerPoint, and Word.

Word is the most customizable Office program; you can save customizations in different documents or templates and you can even set up your own keyboard shortcuts. See Customize keyboard shortcuts in Word.

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