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Work with the keyboard

Office program displaying title bar, menu bar, and open File menu

Callout 1 The title bar
Callout 2 The menu bar
Callout 3 The File menu

The menu bar is the main way to navigate an Office program. Using the menus on the menu bar to perform actions in a program is both simple and logical, and nearly everything can be accomplished through them. You can move around the menus by simply using the TAB or arrow keys, and you won't need to remember sequences of keystrokes.

Read on to learn more about navigating the menu bar with the keyboard. When you've finished, click the Next button to continue the lesson on your own.

The menu bar is the bar across the top of your screen, directly underneath the title bar. Typically it has words such as File, Edit, Tools, and Help, as well as many others. Each of these is the title of a menu; selecting the menu title will open the menu.

The following sections will describe how to use keyboard shortcuts to get into the various menus and use them to perform many tasks. Although the menus in each Office program are slightly different, we will use common features in this lesson. The technique of moving around the menus is exactly the same whatever the program.

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