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Office 2010 Security: Protecting your files

Click Enable Content to make trusted document

When you click Enable Content, or enable active content to run for all sessions, it becomes a trusted document.

When you always enable a document’s active content, you make it a trusted document, which is stored in a trusted-documents folder on your computer. Trusted documents are files that you have trusted and that open without the Message Bar. Even if your file has active content in it and new active content is added, or you change the existing active content, no Message Bar appears when you re-open the file. However, the Message Bar can reappear if you move the file to a new location

As you learned in the previous page, some active content cannot be enabled for all sessions. These files cannot be made trusted documents.

How your Office programs manage active content is determined by the system administrator and by options available in the Trust Center. In the next section we will discuss how you can view options and make security-settings changes in the Trust Center.

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