Troubleshoot grouping in PowerPoint and Word

ShowI can't select an object or text on my Microsoft Office PowerPoint slide.

If the picture or texture is added to the slide background or is on a master (master: A slide view or page on which you define formatting for all slides or pages in your presentation. Each presentation has a master for each key component: slides, title slides, speaker's notes, and audience handouts.), it can't be selected in normal view.

  • To change a picture or texture background, on the Format menu, click Background and then change the slide background.
  • To select a picture on the slide master, change to master view: On the View menu, point to Master, and then click Slide Master.

ShowI can't group text boxes in my PowerPoint presentation.

ShowI can't group a selection that includes a table in my PowerPoint presentation

When your selection includes a table, the Group command is unavailable. You can ungroup the table the table to turn the individual cells into shapes and then use the Group command.

ShowI can't select the objects I want to group in Microsoft Office Word.

In Word, you can work with drawing objects either on a drawing canvas (drawing canvas: An area on which you can draw multiple shapes. Because the shapes are contained within the drawing canvas, they can be moved and resized as a unit.), or as floating (floating object: A graphic or other object that is inserted in the drawing layer so that you can position it precisely on the page or in front of or behind text or other objects.) objects. You can apply the Group commands to objects that are all on the drawing canvas, or to objects that are all floating, but you cannot apply them to a mix of objects that are both on a drawing canvas and floating.

For details about working with the drawing canvas and floating objects in Word, see the following topics: About graphics in Word and Troubleshoot graphics in Word.

ShowI can't group inline objects in Word.

Under certain circumstances, the Group command is unavailable in Word. For example, you cannot apply the grouping commands to selections that include multiple inline (inline object: A graphic or other object that is positioned directly in the text of a Microsoft Word document at the insertion point.) objects, nor can you group text and inline objects, such as pictures and their captions.

For details about working with graphics and inline text in Word, see the following topics: About graphics in Word, Position graphics and text, Troubleshoot graphics in Word.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003, Word 2003