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Customize your toolbars and menus

Shortcut menu and a mouse

Clicking the right mouse button will open a shortcut menu.

The shortcut menu, also known as the right-click menu, appears when you right-click a selection, a toolbar, or a taskbar button, for example. It lists commands that pertain only to that screen region or selection. For example, if you're typing text in Word and you right-click, you get a shortcut menu like the one in the illustration, with commands that are related to that activity: Copy, Paste, Font, and so on.

Read on to learn more about why you'd want to change the shortcut menu, and then click the Next button to continue the lesson on your own.

If you insert a lot of pictures in your text, for example, it would be very convenient to have the Insert Picture command available from the textual shortcut menus. To insert a picture, you would just have to right-click instead of using either the Insert menu or the Pictures toolbar. You can also open the shortcut menu by pressing SHIFT+F10.

Remember, as you saw in the first lesson, the shortcut menu can only be changed in Word, Access, and PowerPoint.

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