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Create a document outline

Moving an outline entry

Callout 1 To move an entry up, first select the entry.
Callout 2 Click the Move Up button on the Outlining toolbar. One click moves the entry up by one position, so in this case you'd click the button three times.
Callout 3 The entry in its final position.

To move entries to a different spot in the outline, first select the entry, and then use click the Move Up Button image or Move Down button Button image on the Outlining toolbar until the entry reaches the spot you want.

If the entry you're moving contains sub-entries and you want to ensure that the sub-entries move with it, be sure to first click the plus sign Expand symbol (plus) next to the entry before using the toolbar buttons. This selects the entry and all sub-entries so that they move as a unit. Doing this works whether the top-level entry is expanded or collapsed.

Tip     You can also drag entries to their new position. Once again, if you want to move sub-entries along with an entry, be sure to first click the plus sign.

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