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Customize your toolbars and menus

Figure holding a toolbar button with a background of customized menus and toolbars

You can change the existing menus and toolbars in Office programs.

Now that you know some more about toolbars and menus, it's time to look at changing them. It can be a real bonus to change an existing feature so that it's personalized for the way you work. You might feel that a slight modification is all you need to do, without designing a whole new toolbar or menu.

This lesson will introduce you to the Customize dialog box and explain how to use it. Then you can try it out in the practice session.

Read on for more information, and then click the Next button to continue the lesson on your own.

A customized toolbar could mean making far fewer keystrokes or mouse movements, saving you time and effort. Just imagine the number of keystrokes this could save over a long period.

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