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Customize your toolbars and menus

The Modify Selection menu

The Modify Selection menu.

Have you ever looked at a toolbar button and thought that the icon doesn't make sense to you? Well, you can change the icon or even design your own. You can also copy an image—for example, a company logo—onto the Office Clipboard and paste it on a button as the icon image.

You can modify existing buttons, menus, and commands by using the Modify Selection button in the Customize dialog box. You can also open the Modify Selection menu by right-clicking any button, menu, or command when the Customize dialog box is open.

It's possible to delete, rename, choose text options, assign a hyperlink, and alter the button image in this menu. Finally, you can reset any changes back to the default by clicking Reset.

The practice session will show you precise steps for using the Modify Selection menu. You will try adding a button and creating a new button image.

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