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Create your first Word document I

Word document showing cursor

In the document, look for the cursor, a blinking vertical line in the upper-left corner of the page, which tells you where the content you type will appear on the page. Word waits for you to start typing.

If you'd like to start typing further down the page instead of at the very top, press the ENTER key on your keyboard until the cursor is where you want to type.

When you start typing, the text you type pushes the cursor to the right. If you get to the end of a line, just continue to type. The text and the insertion point will move on to the next line for you.

Once you’ve finished typing your first paragraph, you press the ENTER key to go to the next paragraph. If you want more space between the two paragraphs (or any two paragraphs), press ENTER again and then start typing your second paragraph.

If you make a mistake while typing, just press the BACKSPACE key to “erase” the incorrect characters or words.

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