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Mail merge I: Use mail merge for mass mailings

Mailings tab on Ribbon

The groups and commands on the Mailings tab.

Did you notice that the commands in the Mailings tab become available as you step through the wizard?

The Ribbon is also a handy way to do a mail merge and the process is very similar to the steps in the wizard. Using the Ribbon, you'll have access to more features, such as automatic checking, which looks for errors before you complete the merge. There are also advanced elements, such as using fields to perform actions or calculations within the main document.

The commands you use on the Mailings tab are in these four groups:

Callout 1 Start Mail Merge This is beginning point where you pick a document type and then select, create, or edit the recipient list.
Callout 2 Write & Insert Fields Here's where you can insert the merge fields, match your fields, and use Rules to perform actions in your documents.
Callout 3 Preview Results Besides viewing the individual merged documents, you can use an automatic error checking feature.
Callout 4 Finish Complete the merge and combine your individual documents into one comprehensive document, or print them out, or send them electronically.

You'll get a chance to use the Mailings tab and create a more complex merge in the next mail merge course, Mail merge II: Use the Ribbon and perform a complex mail merge.

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