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Format your document with styles

Reveal Formatting task pane

Callout 1 A bit of text you've selected in the document shows in the task pane, and each aspect of its formatting is detailed below.
Callout 2 Use this option to have Word instantly compare this text's formatting with that of other text you specify.
Callout 3 The links open related formatting options or styles, which you can change from here.

Up to now, you've used one task pane to work with styles. There's a companion pane you should know about as well, called Reveal Formatting.

With this pane open, you can click anywhere in a document, and every formatting detail of the text you've clicked on is itemized in the task pane.

Other things you can do:

  • Compare the formatting of the current text with another section in the document.
  • Click a link to directly change formatting or a style being used.

You'll do both of these things in the practice session.

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