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Format your document with styles

Styles and Formatting task pane

The typical style list for a new, blank document in the Styles and Formatting task pane.
Callout 1 Three heading styles.
Callout 2 The default paragraph style, called Normal.

So where do you find these vaunted styles?

The most robust area for working with styles is the Styles and Formatting task pane (Format menu), shown in the picture.

The list of styles you see in the picture is the typical list shown for a new, blank document. The list includes three built-in heading styles and the Normal paragraph style—but you have many additional styles to choose from; they're just not shown in the default view.

The Normal style is selected in the pane to reflect how text is styled at the position of your pointer in the document. As it happens, all the text in a new document is styled with Normal by default. We'll look more at Normal later in the lesson.

Tip    For easy access, you'll find the same list of styles in the Style box on the Formatting toolbar. But the task pane has more views and options.

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