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Mail merge I: Use mail merge for mass mailings

Set of individual mail merge documents

The set of finished documents in a mail merge consists of the unique letters that you print or send electronically.

When you finish a mail merge, you have:

  • The set of individual finished documents, which you can print (for example, letters, labels, envelopes, or coupons) or which you can transmit electronically during the merge process (for example, e-mail messages).
  • The main document. This is the document you used as a starting point, which remains a separate document. It is not automatically saved after the merge. You should save it because Word will remember which recipient list you connected to it and when you open it again, you can quickly complete a new mail merge.

Note     Optionally, if you're creating letters, envelopes, or labels, you can also generate a "comprehensive document" that contains all the merged documents in one file. More on this at the end of the last lesson.

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