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Customize your toolbars and menus

Customize dialog box with an arrow showing how a new menu is dragged into position on the menu bar

Drag the New Menu command into position.

Before creating a brand new menu, you should consider what is the best way to personalize your environment for the way you work. Should you customize an existing menu or create a new one?

If the commands you want are spread across a wide variety of menus, then creating your own will be ideal. If you are considering creating a new menu with just a few commands, and still doing a lot of work with the existing menus, then a better solution might be to add the desired commands to an existing menu.

Create a new menu by using the Commands tab in the Customize dialog box. In the Categories list, click New Menu. Then, from the Commands list, drag a command to the desired position. You can then rename the menu to whatever you desire. A new menu will not have any commands on it; it will be completely empty. You need to add commands to it as described in the last lesson.

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