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Customize your toolbars and menus

Document in Word with a customized button on the Standard toolbar

A customized button. Clicking on the button inserts the text "To Whom It May Concern:".

What could be better than having a handy button or menu command that initiates an action, for example, a button in Word that applies a particular font or inserts AutoText?

There are many commands that are associated with a category that don't appear on the menu or toolbar. The Format category, for example, contains many unusual commands, such as Double Underline, that aren't on the Format menu or Formatting toolbar. However, there's so much more. In Word, you can create a brand new command that will assign a font, apply a style, run a macro, or insert an AutoText entry.

You create a new command from the Commands tab in the Customize dialog box. In the Categories list, you choose the type of command you are interested in. Then select the exact command from the Commands list, and drag into the desired position.

Remember: As you discovered in the last lesson, you can put a command onto a toolbar (and then change its appearance to have it appear as a button rather than text). If you decide a command is no longer necessary, with the Customize dialog box open, select the command and delete it.

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