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Mail merge I: Use mail merge for mass mailings

Animation that shows how to arrange an envelope.

In Step 4, you arrange the main document. Arranging the main document means putting content into the document. That content consists of:

  • Information that stays the same in each merged copy.
  • Placeholders (fields) for the recipient information in each merged copy.

For an envelope, the information that stays the same in each merged copy is the return address that you type in the upper left corner. The placeholders are the addresses of each recipient.

The quickest way to add a delivery address is to click Address block in the wizard. It adds a pre-designed «AddressBlock» field to the envelope, which includes First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, and Postal Code.

Tip     You can assemble your own address block if you prefer. Click More items in the wizard to open the Insert Merge Field dialog box where, with the Database Fields option selected, you see a list of the column headings in your recipient list. You can insert any of these into your main document as a field.

Click Play above the illustration to see how to arrange an envelope.

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