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Office 2010 Security: Protecting your files

Active content information on Message Bar

Information about active content appears on the Message Bar

Files and programs sometimes include active content, designed to increase productivity and make the programs easier to use. There are several types of active content; two very common types are macros and ActiveX controls.

Macros automate frequently-used tasks to save time on keystrokes and mouse actions.

ActiveX controls are used to display animation, command buttons, lists of options, and dialog boxes.

In many cases, active content is safe. However, sometimes people with malicious intent can exploit active content to steal information, spread computer viruses, or use your computer for illegal purposes without your knowledge. This creates a threat to your computer and your organization’s network. To help prevent these risks, Microsoft Office 2010 programs can disable types of active content. As shown in the picture, the Message Bar informs you that there is active content in the file and it has been disabled. In the following page, we will show you how you can enable the active content, if you know the file is from a reliable source.

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