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Customize your toolbars and menus

Screenshot of open edit menu and standard toolbar with cut, copy, and paste commands and buttons indicated

The Cut, Copy, and Paste actions are available as menu commands or as toolbar buttons.

Normally, items on menus are known as commands and items on toolbars as buttons. This distinction can sometimes become blurred, as you will read later.

Commands and buttons achieve the same results. For instance, you can cut, copy, and paste using the commands on the Edit menu or by using the buttons on the Standard toolbar.

In some cases using a button is quicker than a command because the button triggers an immediate action, whereas a command usually opens a dialog box. The Print command on the File menu, for example, opens the Print dialog box where you can choose various print options, but the Print button Button image immediately prints the document with the existing settings. Whether you use a menu command or a toolbar button is often personal preference.

The most frequently used menus are available on the menu bar. Unless you deliberately remove them, these menus are always available on the menu bar.

Toolbars sometimes appear automatically in an Office program depending on what you are doing. For example, the WordArt toolbar will appear if you add WordArt to a document. However, you can also choose which toolbars you want displayed from the toolbar menu. You will use the toolbar menu in the practice session at the end of this lesson.

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