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Work with the keyboard

List of keyboard shortcuts in Help

Microsoft® Outlook® Help topic on keyboard shortcuts.

Each Office program has a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for that program in the Help topics.

The list is called "Keyboard shortcuts," and it includes all of the keystrokes for moving around menus and toolbars, as well as combinations of keystrokes that perform an action. You would need to look at the keystrokes for every program you use to get a complete list.

In the practice session that's coming up, you'll get a chance to learn how to find and view the list of keyboard shortcuts in an Office program without using the mouse.

Many shortcuts are common across all Office programs; others are specific to each program, and in some cases, the same combination of keystrokes will do something completely different in two separate programs. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the shortcuts in the programs that you use most often and remember that only some of them will work in another Office program. This course focuses on keystrokes that share a common action across the Office programs.

Some of the most commonly used shortcuts are included in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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