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Link data to diagrams I: Getting started

A shape and its corresponding Shape Data window

The Shape Data window.

A couple of questions often arise for people who have used previous versions of Visio. One is, "Can you type over the values in the Shape Data window?" Yes, you can. The data on the shape will show those changes as well. However, your changes will not get sent back to the original data source. Also, by default, any changes you make to the Shape Data window values will stay the way you make them: If you refresh the data, the external data will not overwrite your changes to these values. (You can change this behavior if you want. Details are in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.)

Another frequent question is, "What happened to the Custom Properties window of previous versions?" The answer is… Nothing. The Shape Data window is the Custom Properties window; it just has a different name in this version of Visio.

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