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Shapes I: Introductory basics you can't live without

Insert menu, Picture submenu, From File command

How to insert a picture as a Visio shape.

Suppose you'd like to insert a photograph into a diagram. To do that, on the Insert menu, you'd point to Picture and then click From file. (This process is similar to other Office programs you may be familiar with.)

When you insert a picture, Visio will automatically make it a 2-D shape and put the eight handles on it.

Shapes made by inserting pictures aren't as intelligent as the shapes that come from stencils. As far as interactive behavior goes, they're not much more than a square on the page. Nonetheless, they are shapes, which means you can connect them with 1-D shapes, resize them, position them, and so on.

Note    When you insert a clip from the Clip Art task pane, Visio will make it a 2-D shape as well.

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