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Organize meetings with Outlook

Send Update button; updated meeting request in Inbox; Send Update to Attendees dialog box

Fig. 1  Process to update a meeting.
Callout 1 After you make a change to the meeting request, click Send Update.
Callout 2 An updated meeting request is sent to attendees.
Fig. 2  If you add or remove attendees, you can choose whether to send an update to everyone or only to those attendees who will be affected by the change.

You can change any aspect of the meeting, at any time, after the meeting request has been sent. To do this, first you would make your changes in the meeting request in your calendar, and then you would send an update to the people who need to know about the change by clicking the Send Update button.

Send updates to all attendees    If you've changed something substantial, like the time or location of the meeting, everyone needs to know.

Send updates only to some attendees    If you made changes to the attendee list only — for example, if you added one person to the meeting — there's no need to send the whole group an update. Only the added or deleted attendees need to receive the updated request.

Need to cancel a meeting? Use the Cancel Meeting command on the Actions menu.

You'll get a chance to practice these things in the practice session that's coming up next.

Note    In "The players" section of this course we mentioned that once someone is an attendee, they're always an attendee. What that means is that even if someone declines a meeting, they'll still receive updated meeting requests. If an attendee truly does not want to know about the meeting, you should remove that person from the attendee list entirely.

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