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Animations I: Preset and custom animation

This animation scheme starts with a transition, which "wipes" the slide into view. A title and bulleted list then appear one by one, fading in with an entrance effect; text dims with each subsequent bullet point. At the end, all list items disappear using an exit effect.

A preset animation scheme ties together several types of animation effects that complement each other. Instead of applying each effect, you just apply one scheme to get the whole range.

Click the Play button on the left to see a typical scheme. The general types of effects used, in different variations, are:

  • Transition, in which the slide is revealed using an effect like a wipe or a checkerboard pattern.
  • Entrance, such as text fading in or flying in.
  • Emphasis or dimming — emphasis calls attention to a bullet point by making the text stand out; dimming de-emphasizes a bullet point once you've moved on.
  • Exit — a fly out, fade out, bounce out, and the like.
  • Motion path, which traces a pattern for an object to follow. Ellipse and Neutron are two schemes that use motion paths.

A typical scheme for a bulleted list will have the text enter line by line and dim each line when a new line enters. Two such schemes in PowerPoint are called Fade in and dim and Appear and dim.

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