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Table of Contents III: Use fields to create a TOC and create multiple TOCs

Chapter TOC

Many long documents and books have multiple TOCs, such as separate chapter TOCs at the start of each chapter.

Many long documents, such as complex reports and business proposals, require multiple TOCs — for example, a summary TOC and several detailed TOCs throughout the document.

Instructional and reference books, such as a textbook or a cookbook, might include a basic table of contents for the whole book showing just chapter titles and then a more detailed table of contents for each separate chapter. Or, you might want two TOCs in your document, each showing a different type of entry — for example, a cookbook with different TOCs for vegetarian and meat-containing recipes.

We'll show you three ways to build multiple TOCs. There's a basic option, which is quick and uses Word's built-in heading styles, and then two other options that you can use in special cases.

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