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Open XML II: Editing Documents in the XML

Three references to most document parts in a ZIP package

Components of a document part.

There are at least three references to most document parts in a ZIP package, as shown here for the comments.xml part in a Word document ZIP package.

Callout 1 For every document part in an Open XML ZIP package, there is an Override PartName definition in the file [Content_Types].xml.
Callout 2 A relationship is defined for each document part in an applicable .rels file. The relationship shown here for comments.xml is located in document.xml.rels. Similarly, the relationship for the core.xml file in the docProps folder appears in the top-level .rels file for the ZIP package; a relationship for the theme1.xml file appears in the document-level .rels file, such as document.xml.rels or presentation.xml.rels. Note that relationship definitions for some document parts may exist in more than one .rels file, as explained later in this lesson.
Callout 3 Content from the document part may be referenced in one or more additional document parts. For example, comment references in a Word ZIP package appear in document.xml wherever the comment appears in the document text, as shown here. Similarly, references to custom style definitions in styles.xml can exist in all document parts where those styles are applied, such as document.xml and header1.xml.
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