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Shapes IV: Let's talk about text positioning

This animation shows how to move, resize, and rotate a text block.

To manipulate a text block, you need to first select the Text Block Tool Button image. Then you can use it to move, resize, and even rotate the text block.

Click Play on the left to see an animation of using the Text Block Tool. Pay careful attention to the following:

  • Notice the rather secretive location of the Text Block Tool. You have to click the small arrow next to the Text Tool button Button image, and then click the Text Block Tool button Button image.
  • Notice when the cursor is over the text, the double rectangle cursor appears Double rectangle cursor. This is a visual cue that the text block can be moved.
  • Notice that when returning to the Pointer Tool Button image, the text and its associated text block move with the shape.
  • Notice that the cursor can resize and rotate text blocks, and that this process is identical to resizing and rotating a regular shape.
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