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Organize meetings with Outlook

Meeting organizer sending meeting request to attendees; request goes to Inbox and Calendar; responses go back to organizer

The meeting organizer sends a meeting request to attendees. The request goes both to the inboxes and the calendars of the attendees. Responses go back to the meeting organizer.

When meetings are scheduled and maintained in Outlook, you can greatly improve the efficiency of the process because Outlook keeps track of the details using the Inbox and the Calendar. When these details change, they can be updated for everyone, all at once, with the click of a button.

Here's a quick overview of the process:

  • The meeting organizer schedules the meeting and sends all of the participants a special type of message called a meeting request. This request is delivered to the Inboxes of all of the meeting participants.
  • Once the request is in the attendee's Inbox, Outlook recognizes it as something that belongs in the Calendar and puts it there as a "tentative" entry until the attendee has a chance to respond.
  • Attendees read the request and respond. A meeting response, which is similar to a meeting request, is sent back to the Inbox of the meeting organizer — and just as it did with the requests, Outlook recognizes each response as something special. The meeting entry is updated in the organizer's calendar with information about who is coming.

In the next two lessons you'll learn the specifics for how to create and respond to meetings.

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