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Animations I: Preset and custom animation

Custom Animation task pane showing list of effects and several options

The Custom Animation task pane.

To make specific changes to scheme effects, open the Custom Animation task pane from the Slide Show menu.

The picture on the left shows the task pane, in which you see the following:

Callout 1 Effects list. This shows the animation effects that make up the scheme, itemized by what they apply to on the slide. Here, two effects show, for the title and subtitle.
Callout 2 A number indicates the effect's playing order. "0" and "1" mean the title plays first, on display of the slide, and then the subtitle. The items on the slide will show these numbers, too.
Callout 3 A mouse icon means this effect starts with a mouse click.
Callout 4 Star symbols indicate the type of effect; green stars, here, show that entrance effects were used (when you hover, a ScreenTip gives the effect's name).

Other options

Above the list of effects in the task pane are a range of options, including the Change button Button image and various ways to modify an effect.

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