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Link data to diagrams II: Data graphics

Text callout and its dialog box with fields to customize callout details

A text callout and its dialog box.

Let's talk about how text callouts work. Here is a simple example of a text callout and how it relates to its dialog box when you create one.

Take a look at the Value Format field under Details. It's blank here, but if you wanted your data to show up in a certain format — as percentages, for example, or as currency — you'd click the ellipsis to do that. We'll show you the details in the practice coming up.

Before we talk about the label position, let's define what the label is. The label is the name of the column from your data. In this case the label is Network Name, and it is to the left of the value server01. This is good to know because labels are not just for text callouts. You can use them for data bar callouts as well.

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