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Up to speed with Outlook 2007

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

To include an Outlook message as an e-mail attachment, click Attach File, and then click:




To include a picture in line with the text of your message, you would:

Use the Rich Text file format.

Use the File command on the Insert tab.

Use the Picture from File command on the Insert tab.

You learned that when you insert a picture in line with the text of your message, Picture Tools appear, and when you click away from the picture, the Picture Tools disappear. How can you make them reappear?

Click Toolbars on the View menu in the main Outlook window.

Click the picture in the message.

Insert an additional picture in the message.

You've received a message with two JPEG picture attachments. What's the fastest way to determine whether you want to save the attachments?

Open the message and double-click each attachment icon.

Click the attachment icons in the Reading Pane.

Right-click the attachment icon in the Reading Pane and click Open.

In the 2007 Office release, many programs use a new file format. How has this file format affected Outlook 2007?

When you create a new e-mail message, it will use this new file format.

Attachments that you send or receive may use the new format.

Attached files will appear in line with the text of the e-mail message.

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