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Get visual with SmartArt graphics

SmartArt graphic icon on slide layout

In PowerPoint 2007, there's another way to insert a SmartArt graphic: Click the SmartArt graphic icon that is part of many slide layouts. The picture illustrates this.

Callout 1 Click the SmartArt graphic icon that's part of the slide layout.
Callout 2 The SmartArt graphic gallery opens so that you can choose a layout.

To get this group of icons on a slide, you need to apply a slide layout that includes it. You'll work with slide layouts in the practice session.

One advantage to this method is that the graphic is always inserted within the placeholder that contains the icon. (The placeholder is the box with the dotted border that surrounds the slide's main content.) That's mainly an issue if your slide layout includes two placeholders that could contain the graphic. If you insert the graphic using the SmartArt graphic icon in the desired placeholder, you know it will be inserted where you want it.

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