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Animations I: Preset and custom animation

Title item in Custom Animation task pane, set to "start with previous"; and Start box with its menu displayed and the item Start After Previous selected

Fig. 1  Seeing the start setting for an effect.
Callout 1 Select the effect.
Callout 2 In the Modify area, the setting (With Previous) shows up in the Start box.
Fig. 2  Changing the start setting.
Callout 1 The selected subtitle effect was originally set to play on mouse click (mouse icon).
Callout 2 To change it to play automatically after the title effect, choose After Previous from the Start list.

There are three ways to start an effect:

  • On Click
  • With Previous
  • After Previous

"On click" means "when you click the mouse." The other two bear a little more explanation.

With Previous

Figure 1 shows that the "Title 1" effect, selected in the effects list, has been set to start With Previous (see the Start box). With Previous starts an effect automatically with the start of the previous effect. Since the title effect is the first effect on this slide, With Previous will just make it play automatically when the slide displays. An effect with these conditions is given 0 as the order number.

After Previous

Figure 2 shows that the "See Canyon Country" subtitle effect (selected, at the bottom of the figure) is currently set to play On Click—that is, by click of the mouse (see the Start box). To modify the effect to play automatically after the title, set it to start After Previous. It then plays on its own, after the title is done. You'll see this in more detail in the practice.

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