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Hear and see your contacts with Office Communicator

Panes, menus, and selections for starting ad hoc conference calls

Start an ad-hoc conference call.

With the product launch just around the corner, you need to keep close track of the work across all teams. Rebecca Laszlo, one of your team members, is updating you on the status of the product launch over an audio call on Communicator 2007. You want to share the status with your manager, William, so you decide to add him to your already in-progress Communicator call.

In Communicator 2007, you can make an ad-hoc conference call with a single click and without having the phone numbers or conference codes. You can begin a conference from a one-to-one audio conversation between two people by inviting another person into that conversation. You can also start a new conference call by selecting multiple contacts or a group/specific team from the Contact List.

To start an ad-hoc conference call, do the following:

  1. In the Contact List, do one of the following:
    • Select multiple contacts that you want to invite to the conference by holding down the CTRL key. Right-click the last contact and then point to the Start a Conference Call option.
    • Right-click a contact group and then point to the Start a Conference Call option.
  2. On the Start a Conference Call submenu, click one of the following options:

Start Conference Now Using    If you want to start the conference call on Communicator 2007, click Communicator on the submenu.

Start Conference by Calling Me At    If you want to start the conference call on a telephone, click the phone number. Communicator 2007 will place the call to the selected number. When you answer the call, you can join the conference.

Note    If you do not want to join the conference on the predefined phone number, you can enter a new phone number.

You can easily invite more people into the conference by clicking the Invite button in the Conversation window.

When you place a conference call, the recipients of the call will see a conference call invitation. To join a conference call, click the left pane of the Conference Invitation alert.

You can also join a conference call from a phone that is different from your default phone. To do so, click Join From in the Conference Invitation alert, and then select the other phone you want to use to join the conference. Communicator 2007 calls the phone number, and when you answer the call, Communicator 2007 enters you into the conference from that number.

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