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So that's how! Great Outlook Calendar features to make time work for you

Month menu on Date Navigator

You can quickly jump to a different month by clicking the top of a month in Date Navigator. To get back to today, click the Today button.

It's September, but you want to get to a date as far away as December. Do you have to click the arrows in Date Navigator to get there? No! Here are some other methods you can use:

  • Click the top of the Date Navigator to switch months (as we've shown in the picture).
  • Right-click the calendar, click Go to Date on the shortcut menu, and then enter a date in the Date box. You can either type a date or click the arrow to pick a date from the calendar that appears.

And, remember that you're never very far away from today… you can always get back to the current day by clicking the Today button on the Standard toolbar.

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