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Get to know OneNote 2007

If you're one of those people that has sticky notes everywhere to remind you to do things, you're going to like Side Note. Side Note is a small version of OneNote that appears in its own small window and that can stay on top of all the other windows on your desktop.

So if you're reading an e-mail message and find it has a valuable nugget of information, or if suddenly you remember that you forgot to water the plants, instead of reaching for the pad of sticky notes, just press the Windows logo key + N to open Side Note and jot it all down. You'll get to try this in the practice session.

All of your new side notes are kept together in a single area, called the Unfiled Notes section, so that you can go through and sort them out later. You'll learn more about unfiled notes in the next lesson.

Click Play to see Side Note in action.

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