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Add sound effects to a presentation

Setting up tracks to play CD

Choosing the CD tracks that you want to play with your presentation.

To set up tracks, first you insert the CD into the CD drive of the computer. Then:

Callout 1 On the Insert tab, in the Media Clips group, click the arrow next to Sound, and then click Play CD Audio Track.
Callout 2 Next to Start at track, select the track you want to start with.
Callout 3 In the time box, specify at what time within the track to start playing the CD. The 00:00 setting means the track will start at its beginning.
Callout 4 Next to End at track, select the track you want to end with. You can end with the same track you started with.
Callout 5 In the time box, specify at what time within the track to stop playing the CD. To play the full track, put its full playing time here. (But note that if the slide show ends before the track is finished, the music stops.)

With the settings shown, this CD would start at track 1 and stop at the end of track 4.

After you select tracks, you're prompted to choose how to start the sound (automatically or by mouse click). After that, a CD icon Icon image shows up in the middle of your slide.

The CD won't play through all the slides automatically. It works with the same sound settings you'd use to play sound files. So, you need to tell PowerPoint that the CD should play across all slides or across a certain number of slides. You'll do this in the practice session.

The CD will stop when the show reaches the end of the last slide that it's specified to play through. If the slide show is set to loop, the CD will resume with its first programmed track when the slide show restarts.


  • You can't do anything about the silence between tracks on your CD; it is still there. But maybe you have one long track that fits the length of your show. You can specify just that one track (you'll do this in the practice).
  • If you want to play different tracks of the CD on different slides, keep using the Play CD Audio Track command to set up the track and timing you want for each slide. There is no automatic way to time your CD to your slide.
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