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Add sound effects to a presentation

Stop sound after certain number of slides

Setting a sound to stop after a certain number of slides.

You can set very specific options for a sound in the Custom Animation task pane. You work with the sound here because it is considered an effect, similar to animation effects. You'd work with a movie file using this task pane, too. You can set up all of these effects to stop or start at certain times and to play in a certain order.

So, to make the sound play across slides but stop after a certain number of them, first open the Custom Animation task pane (Animations tab, Custom Animation command). Then work in the task pane as follows:

Callout 1 The sound effect you've inserted on your slide is represented by its file name in the task pane; the example name here is LongerFlute.wav. When the effect is selected on the slide, it's also selected in the task pane.
Callout 2 Click the arrow next to the sound effect to display its menu.
Callout 3 On the menu, click Effect Options.
Callout 4 In the Play Sound dialog box, you have a few options for how to stop the sound. To specify a number of slides, use the arrows to select a number in the box next to After.

The sound in this example, set to play through three slides, will start playing when the slide on which it's inserted is displayed and continue through the next two slides after that. When you click to a fourth slide, the sound will stop.

Note     For this option to be effective, the sound needs to be long enough to continue playing through the specified number of slides.

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