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Get to know your Outlook Calendar

Reminder check box in open all day event, event with reminder icon, reminder dialog box

Callout 1 The Reminder check box.
Callout 2 A bell icon indicates that a reminder has been set for the event.
Callout 3 A reminder appears at the specified time.

When you create any type of calendar entry, a reminder will be automatically set according to your settings. The default setting for appointments and meetings is 15 minutes, and for all day events is 18 hours. Although you can't change the default setting for all day events, you can change it for appointments and meetings. We'll show you where and how in the practice at the end of this lesson. (We've also included the steps in the Quick Reference Card at the end of the course.)

You can also set or change a reminder for an individual calendar entry by opening it and adjusting the settings next to the Reminder check box.

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