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Present your project in Word, PowerPoint, or Visio

Step 4 of wizard

In Step 4 of the wizard, select additional information you want to appear with your presentation.

Finally, you need to specify additional information to send along with the image. This is information about your project as a whole, such as project start and end dates, which will appear in a separate table above the image of your project that you have just set up.

When you click Finish in the wizard, the program you have specified will open with the image of your project. The final image will contain two portions:

  • An overview portion that contains your project's overall duration, costs, or any other information you specified in Step 4 of the wizard.
  • Detailed project information about the tasks you selected for the wizard to report on.

Note     The image and task information that are copied to the other Office program are not linked to the project from which they came. If you change information in your original project, you will need to rerun the wizard to incorporate the changes into your presentation.

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