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Get to know Word 2007 II: Edit text and revise your documents

Word selected in document

The word "really" is selected.

After adding the sentence to the first paragraph, you read through the paragraph. You think the second sentence will read better if you delete the word "really."

To delete text, first select what you want to delete. You can do this by using the mouse or the keyboard.

  • Place your pointer over the word "really" and then double-click the word. Or click in front of "really," hold down the left mouse button, and then drag the pointer over the word.


  • With the arrow keys on your keyboard, move the insertion point next to the text. Then hold down the SHIFT key and press the arrow key that moves the insertion point in the correct direction until all the text is selected.

Once "really" is selected, delete the word by pressing DELETE on your keyboard.

Tip     In the picture, you can see formatting marks: a dot Formatting mark dot between each word and sentence, and a paragraph mark Paragraph mark at the end of each paragraph (explained in "Get to know Word 2007 I: Create your first document"). These marks help you when you revise text. For example, you don't want to delete the space between words or sentences. One dot between each word or sentence lets you know that the spacing is okay. You'll see how to show and hide formatting marks in the practice and in the Quick Reference Card.

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