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So that's how! Great Outlook Calendar features to make time work for you

Two views of a monthly calendar: one with compressed weekends one without

You don't have to compress your weekend. You can show Saturday and Sunday so that they're as big as the rest of the days of the week. To do this, you would clear the Compress weekend days check box.

If you rely on your calendar in Outlook for weekend plans as well as work plans, you may not like the fact that, by default, Outlook shows Saturday and Sunday compressed into a single square of the calendar grid. This gives you a combined Saturday and Sunday squished into the same amount of space as is used for a single day, like Monday. This perspective has a funny name: Compress Weekend Days. We have to be honest here… we're not sure who decided that it might be a good idea to compress the weekend. Does anyone find that the weekend is much too long? If you don't want your weekends compressed, you would clear the check box as we've shown in the picture. We'll walk you through the exact steps in the practice session at the end of this lesson (they're also in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course).

Tip    You can only expand weekend days for the Month view. But if you want to show a week with uncompressed weekends, here's a way: Create a custom Work Week view that shows all seven days of the week. We'll talk about custom work weeks next.

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