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Calendar II: See and use multiple calendars

Multiple calendars selected in the Navigation Pane and displayed in the main window

We just talked about one way to create an additional calendar, called "Family."

There are other types of calendars you can see in Outlook and ways to access them. Which ones you use will depend on your specific needs and how your e-mail and computer are set up. In the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course you'll see links to more information about the specific steps you can follow to create or access other types of shared calendars.

Once you have other calendars to view in Outlook, you'll see them listed in the Navigation Pane. We've shown some examples in the picture.

Callout 1 In the My Calendars group, we have two calendars: The default calendar (the one that's always called "Calendar") and an additional personal calendar. In this case, the alternate calendar is named "Family".
Callout 2 In the Other Calendars group, there are two additional calendars: A Famous birthdays calendar which is being subscribed to via the Internet and a Team Site - Vacations calendar.
Callout 3 In the People's Calendars group, we've shown a colleague's shared calendar. If you're using Microsoft Exchange Server for your e-mail and calendar (which you may do at work), you'll be able to share your main calendar with others. And, as we've shown here, others can share with you. When you choose to view someone else's calendar, you'll see it listed here.


  • In the picture, also notice under Other Calendars and People's Calendars the double-headed arrow icons Icon image for the calendars listed. The arrows are a reminder that this type of calendar is updated periodically when the master calendar is changed.
  • If you don't like the group names My Calendars, Other Calendars, and People's Calendars, you can change them. We'll talk more about that later on in the course.
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