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Save time with templates

Process of saving document as template

We mentioned that a template is its own type of file, separate from a document file. So, to save a document as a template, you select the file type called Word Template. Then save it as a trusted template, to make it very easy to find and open. Here are the steps:

Callout 1 Click the Microsoft Office Button Button image, point to Save As, and click Word Template.
Callout 2 In the Save As dialog box, click Trusted Templates, as the place in which to save the template.
Callout 3 Then name the template, and click Save. Note that, if you have set up Windows to show file extensions, you'll see the extension .dotx at the end of the file name. This denotes a template type of file in Word 2007. (In contrast with the file type for documents, which is .docx.)

Importance of trusted templates     Putting the template in Trusted Templates tells Word that it is safe to open even if the template should contain macros or other code. Because macros can contain malicious code, Word is on the lookout against opening documents with macros. If your computer security settings are at the recommended level, Word will open any template file, but it will disable any macros it contains. For templates that are in the Trusted Templates folder, however, Word doesn't disable the macros. It assumes the files are safe, so be sure the files you store there are from a trusted source.

Note that the folder name you'll save to, if you are using Windows Vista, is called Templates, rather than Trusted Templates. But it has the same meaning for Word as the Trusted Templates folder.

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