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Open XML II: Editing Documents in the XML

Rename replacement image file

Rename your replacement image file to match the image filename that appears in the ZIP package.

Replacing an image in an Open XML Format ZIP package is easiest when the original image file and replacement image file use the same file format (such as .jpg or .png). When this is the case, you can just change the file name of the new image to match the original image file name in the ZIP package, and then replace the file, as follows. (We’ll show you later what to do if your replacement image file type is different from the original file type.)

To replace an image file in the ZIP package:

  1. In the media subfolder that resides inside the ZIP package main document folder, locate the picture file that you want to replace.
  2. Rename your replacement image file to match the original. So, for example, if the original image file in the ZIP package is named image2.png, and the replacement file is also a .png file, rename the replacement file image2.

Note     If your images are .jpg files, notice that the original file in the ZIP package may have the four-character file extension .jpeg. The file extension must match exactly for the file to function correctly. As long as the replacement file is also a .jpg image, you can change the file extension of the replacement image to the four-character extension .jpeg.

  1. Copy the renamed replacement image and paste it into the ZIP package media folder, overwriting the original image of the same name.

That’s all there is to it. The image has been replaced wherever it appears in the document.

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