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Hear and see your contacts with Office Communicator

Video Call Invitation alert with Redirect button and arrow highlighted

The Video Call Invitation alert.

When David receives your invitation for the video call, he accepts the call and you start a discussion. To receive a video call, David doesn't necessarily need a webcam. If you don't have a webcam, you will see the caller's video feed, but the caller will only see a video icon placeholder for your own video feed.

When someone invites you to attend a video call, you receive an alert in the lower-right corner of your computer screen. Using the alert, you can accept, decline, or redirect the call.

  • You can accept a video call by clicking the left pane of the Video Call Invitation alert.
  • You can decline a video call by clicking the Close button in the Video Call Invitation alert. If voice mail is enabled, the call will be redirected to your voice mail.
  • To redirect a video call, click the Redirect arrow in the Video Call Invitation alert, and then either select the number you want to receive the call or select Voice Mail.

Note    You can also respond to a video call with an instant message by clicking the Redirect arrow on the Video Call Invitation alert.

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