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Add sound effects to a presentation

Choosing Play across slides option in Sound Tools

Use Sound Tools to set the sound to play across slides.

So, you've inserted the sound, and it starts either by itself or when you click the sound icon. The sound will play through to the end and then stop — unless you click the slide for any reason while it is still playing, which will stop the sound.

What if you have a long-playing sound, and you want it to keep playing even when you click the mouse to start something else on the slide (such as an animation effect or movie clip), or to advance to the next slide? You can make it play across slides.

Callout 1 Select the sound icon.
Callout 2 On the Ribbon, under Sound Tools, click the Options tab.
Callout 3 In the Sound Options group, in the Play Sound list, select Play across slides.

This sets the sound to start automatically when the slide is displayed and to keep playing no matter what you click, until it's finished or you reach the end of the show, whichever comes first.

You may want to make further adjustments to the sound. For example, you may want it to play through the current slide only and then stop, or to stop after a set number of slides. You would make these adjustments by using the Custom Animation task pane. Details follow.

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