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Organize meetings with Outlook

New Meeting Request and Plan a Meeting commands on Actions menu; New Meeting Request on shortcut after selecting time in calendar and right-clicking

You'll always create a meeting request from the Calendar. Here are three different ways to start your meeting request.
Callout 1 On the Actions menu, click New Meeting Request. This method gives you a blank slate for the meeting and starts you off in the To box of the meeting request. When you use this method, you'll need to fill in all of the meeting details yourself.
Callout 2 On the Actions menu, click Plan a Meeting. Use this method when your first goal is to find a time that's free in everyone's schedule.
Callout 3 Right-click a selected time in your calendar and click New Meeting Request. You can use this method when you want to book the meeting at a specific time. Because you select the time first, that part of the request will be filled in when it opens.

As the meeting organizer, you set up the meeting and you control it in the Calendar. Your first step is to create the meeting request, which you will do from the Calendar.

The picture on the left shows you three ways to start your meeting request. Don't worry if you're not yet sure about these various options and when you would use them. In the next few sections of this course you'll learn more of the details that will help you choose. For now, all you need to know is that every request should include three basic details:

  • The people who will attend the meeting
  • The time and duration of the meeting
  • A place to meet

One nice thing: The process is flexible. Once you're in the Calendar, the exact steps you take to create the request and include these details can vary depending on your specific needs. How you proceed may also depend on the type of e-mail system your company uses and how your company handles conference room booking.

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