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Organize meetings with Outlook

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

In an Outlook meeting, _____controls the meeting.

The organizer.

The first attendee to accept.

The resource.

Which of the following is NOT considered a meeting attendee?

Someone who is not invited to the meeting at all.

Someone who declines the meeting request.

A person who accidentally moves the meeting out of his Inbox.

In Outlook, _____ links your Inbox and your Calendar and keeps entries in each up to date.

The "smeller."

The "sniffer."

The "stinker."

The "auto organizer detector."

The Infobar is useful to which of the following "players" in a meeting?

The organizer only.

The organizer and the attendees.

The attendees only.

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